Termites Around Your Home, Reducing The Risks.

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reducing termite risk

Termite Inspection Gold Coast

Can you identify the risks in this image?

“Termites Around Your Home, How To Reduce The Risks”

The current statistic is that termite’s effect 1 in 4 homes. Termites are a common problem affecting homeowners annually. Most of all major financial losses are caused by termite damage throughout Australia every year.  As a result building design faults, Conducive conditions and lack of inspections are the main reasons. Termites naturally are elusive building nests and tunnels below the soil surface. Unlike ants that expose themselves in the open constantly roaming and foraging for food, Homeowners will generally only encounter termites whilst performing landscaping duties or worst case scenario during renovations. Today’s building design does not rely upon harsh chemicals to repel away termites, instead the use of physical elements to expose the termites to the open and stop undetected entry. This method is better suited for the environment and is a more sustainable approach as chemicals all have a lifespan. If the physical barrier is installed correctly and homeowners keep good housekeeping and maintenance termites can be detected and treated before major damage is done on a routine inspection.

Termite Control Gold Coast

The Orange Kordon Termite Barrier Installed At Pre-Construction Stages On A Modern Grafton Home.

What are the main conducive conditions generally identified around Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W homes ?

  • Bad Building Design
  • Chemicals used as a Pre-Slab Treatment are Expired
  • Attachments or Renovations with no protection
  • Location Of Property
  • Building Faults
  • Slab Design Faults
  • Leaks
  • Poor Drainage
  • Hot Water Systems Leaking Against Slab Edge
  • Stored Goods or Fixtures Against External Walls Creating A Bridge Ove Barriers
  • Wood Piles In Close Proximity
  • Mould
  • Timber Decay
  • High Moisture
  • Poor Ventilation
  • Failed DIY Termite Treatments, Home Owners Using The Wrong Chemicals
  • Garden Beds Against External Walls
  • Paths and Pavements Covering Weep Holes
  • Stored Goods inc Timbers In Subfloors and Externals
  • Water tanks Leaking Alongside Houses
White Ant Inspection Lismore

Termite Inspections Are An Essential Part Of Property Maintenance.

Termites Around Your Home, How To Reduce The Risks?

Annual Pest Inspection

  • Inspection Carried Out By A Qualified Termite Technician With Years Experience.
  • Sounding Of All Timbers.
  • Identification And Recommendations Of All Conducive Conditions
  • Building Defect Identification.
  • Advice on Repair Costs for Negotiation.
  • Moisture Detection Inc Thermal Imaging At No Extra Cost.
  • Termite Radar – World #1 Termite Detection Device, This can save having to return for an invasive inspection as we can ID Activity behind walls .
  • Full Photographic and Digital Report – Same Day.
  • 24HR Advice after completion of report.
  • We organise the whole process with Agent and set the dates.

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The Termatrac T3I  is the world’s number 1 Termite Detection device that can show thermal, moisture differences and also termite movement in timbers via Microwave Radar. Using Radar technology can save you via detecting possible activity behind walls and therefore eliminating further expenses in damaging walls and re-inspections. Gold Coast Pre Purchase Inspection Ballina, Building Pest Inspection

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We will organize the whole Building Pest Inspection process including gaining access and setting times for all parties at no extra cost.

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