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East Coast Building And Pest is Jacobs Well’s and The Gold Coast’s most efficient and best rated pest control company.

If you are living in Jacobs Well, Steiglitz or Norwell and are facing pest issues that may include Termites, Rodents, Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders or Fleas, we are the experts that guarantee elimination of any pest infestation. Our pest treatments and termite protection is backed by a 100% free service warranty.

Our other pest control services include building and pest inspections, Pre construction termite management, Termite inspections, Termite control and also pest treatments for all types of pests.

Give us a call today, we are happy to help with any pest and building inspection needs or pest issues you may be facing in Jacobs Well today. 1300 910 917.

Building And Pest Inspection Jacobs Well

Building And Pest Inspection Jacobs Well

Jacobs Well, being so close to Surfers Paradise and Stradbroke Island is an investors best kept secret. Jacobs Well is set for some serious growth in the Real Estate market.

If you are looking to purchase a property in Jacobs Well make sure you carry out a Building and Pest Inspection. Termites affect more homes than you think, the current statistic is in fact 1 in 3.

Book a Building and pest inspection Jacobs Well and receive a two man team. Licensed builder and timber pest specialist. Providing also same day reports, Thermal imaging, Termite Radar and more. Prices start at $460 combined.

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▶ Don’t wait, We provide same day reports.

▶ 2 Inspectors. A builder and pest inspector.

▶ Thermal imaging and Termatrac T3i radar at no extra charge.

▶ Forgot your deadline? We may be able to provide an inspection today.

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Pest Control Jacobs Well

Pest Control Jacobs Well

Locals know that living in Jacobs Well set close to the waterways of Stradbroke Island face on going pest issues annually. These pest issues involve Mosquitoes, Sand Flies, Termites, Ants, Rodents, and so on.

East Coast Building And Pest are experts in providing pest control at an affordable price. That’s why the locals use East Coast Building & Pest for all pest control requirements in Jacobs Well. Having an annual pest control treatment plan is affordable and will keep the bugs at bay.

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▶ We treat all pests in Jacobs Well.

▶ Our team are always on time and provide a friendly service.

Our pest control products are pet friendly.

▶ We service all areas of Jacobs Well including Stradbroke Island.

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Termite Control Jacobs Well

Termite Inspection Jacobs Well

If you own a house or property in Jacobs Well you should maintain annual termite inspections every 12 months as Jacobs Well is located in a high risk environment. If you have missed your annual inspection, booking is easy.

A termite inspection is provided to the homeowner to identify any risks to the property that may be conducive to termite attack. When booking with us you will receive a detailed photographic report combined with thermal imaging, Termite radar and moisture detection equipment carried out by a timber pest specialist.

A termite inspection is affordable insurance against long term unidentified termite damage.

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▶ Our pest inspectors are further trained and experts in termite, borer and timber pests.

▶ We are accredited installers of Australia’s leading termite protection products.

▶ Our services are affordable.

▶ You receive a same day digital photographic report on the property.

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East Coast Building And Pest, The experts providing above standard pest, building inspection and termite management services throughout all Jacobs Well and surrounding areas.

Call us today 1300 910 917.


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