April 26, 2016

Termite Control

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Firstly, The Australian Standard recommends Annual Inspections. This Is to prevent financial loss for properties in a high-risk area.

Termite Hazard AustraliaSecondly, To back it up the current CSIRO statistic is that Termites Effect 1 in 4 Homes located in a high-risk area.

White Ant Barrier Coffs HarbourThat high-risk area runs from Canberra to The tip of Australia, not including out West.

Therefore, That data suggest up to 80 percent of Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W homes are located within 25 metres of a subterranean termite colony.

Subterranean Termite colonies have the potential to cause financial loss and damage.

Therefore, Termites are an economic problem affecting homeowners on a regular basis.

However, With all this threat, You can rest assured with any problem there is a solution.

Our staff are Licenced, Trained and Insured Timber Pest Technicians. We provide state of the art Termite Management solutions above and beyond all Australian Standards.

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Termite Management has come a long way since the 80s and 90s.

The chemicals and management systems available on today’s market are safe and effective. Thus, Some methods are Non-Toxic. Also, many of the systems available will allow you to undertake insurance against termites.

From Experience, There are many homes that have received extensive termite damage. These houses face difficulties when it comes time to sell on the property market. In most cases, these properties have had works undertaken by unlicensed installers. Also, DIY treatments by owners and No inspections throughout its history.


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