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If you suspect that your property contains life threatening Asbestos containing material, Don’t Stress. Contact East Coast Building and Pest today to prevent any potential harm to yourself or others. All our Asbestos technicians are licensed and insured and have the current qualifications to safely remove asbestos for sampling purposes. The statistics is 1 in 3 Australian homes may contain asbestos and identifying this is easy. We arrive at the site and take asbestos samples as requested. Samples are small and are sent to an approved NATA laboratory for confirmation. The site is cleaned and secured after the samples are taken. It is recommended that sampling is also combined with a Building Inspection to the complete structure by our Licensed builders to identify all possible areas that may contain Asbestos.


Why is Asbestos testing and sampling important?

Asbestos containing materials are quite common in Australian homes. It is very important to get the right advice and have an Asbestos test carried out before any renovation or demolition work commences. It is also very important to have a sample taken of any area your suspect may contain Asbestos that may be degrading or becoming fibrous allowing airborne particles free in the air creating a serious safety hazard.  Even a minor exposure to asbestos can lead to respiratory illnesses, such as lung cancer, so a simple test of your property for asbestos is the best way to secure peace of mind that you and your family are safe from any exposure to the risks involved with Asbestos.

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Buying a House and worried about Asbestos?

If you are concerned that the property you are looking to purchase may contain Asbestos or you are looking at renovating once you have purchased, Asbestos testing is essential to determine if the suspected material contains Asbestos fibres. Before purchasing a new property on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Northern NSW call East Coast Building and Pest and have it Tested today. With our thorough testing process completed to the current Australian standards, We can help you determine if the property you are buying has asbestos containing materials and give you the opportunity to make further enquiries to determine how much it may cost to remove it should you wish to remove the materials.

Selling your property?

As a Seller you may also need to consider asbestos as many potential purchasers will be hesitant with the idea of living in a House with asbestos. If you have an area of concern East Coast Building and Pest can test the suspect material to identify if Asbestos is present, this can give you the confidence in selling your home with piece of mind that the material is Asbestos free. Alternatively, If the area contains Asbestos you can obtain further advice and be prepared for any aggressive negotiations or questions thrown your way.


Looking to Renovate and you have concerned about Asbestos?

Asbestos testing is essential before carrying out renovations or demolitions on an older building. With any renovation or projects involving drilling, cutting or breaking of any cement sheeting the health risks or danger is high. This is why the law stipulates an assessment of the materials to verify if any Asbestos is present in the area to be renovated. All tradespeople to work on or around Asbestos require a work licence from the appropriate authority.


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Why have a professional take the Asbestos Sample?

Only a Trained Professional knows where to look, what to look for and how to take the sample in a safe manner and leave the area in a decontaminated sealed environment to the Australian standards. East Coast Building and Pest ensures that the sampling area is decontaminated and safe for reoccupation, a professional will be able to perform a proper decontamination process.

Upon your request, one of our accredited Asbestos Technician or one of our qualified Builders will visit the property to take samples to help you determine the presence of asbestos containing materials. We will collect samples from the areas to be renovated or suspect materials and send test samples to a NATA accredited laboratory for testing.

Not only is it illegal to remove certain types of and amounts of asbestos yourself unlicensed, but it can and will create a huge health risk to yourself and your family or neighbours if you begin messing around with materials that could and may contain asbestos.When it comes to asbestos testing, it is best to contact the professionals at East Coast Building and Pest – Don’t Risk Your Health!



What is involved in Asbestos testing?

Having an area tested for Asbestos involves taking a small sample of the material suspected to contain asbestos. In most cases the sample can be taken from somewhere inconspicuous like behind a light switch or power socket. Once the sample has been taken and the area has been decontaminated the technician will fill out all the appropriate documentation and post the sample to an approved laboratory for testing. These asbestos tests can be carried out by the owner of the property however we strongly advise that you leave it to the professionals.


What We Provide

Asbestos testing from $220 Inc Gst.

Asbestos testing from $95 Inc Gst included with another service.

Extra samples that can be tested for only $55 extra per sample.

Include your Asbestos testing with a Building inspection from $95 Inc Gst.

Add Asbestos Testing to a Pre Purchase inspection from only $95 Inc Gst.

Samples that are confirmed by NATA registered laboratory.

Documentation and photos of areas samples taken.

Advice for further management.

▶ Standard turn around Up to 4 to 6 Days.

▶ Express service available – 1 to 3 Day can be organised as an extra cost.


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