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Termite radar     thermal camera inspection

Our building and pest inspection services in Nimbin include,

▶ Two inspectors to attend any location in Nimbin and Kyogle. Our two-man team includes a licensed builder and timber pest specialist.

▶ Inspectors will provide 2 reports on the same day of the inspection, emailed in PDF format.

▶ Reports contain photographs and recommendations.

▶ Inspections include Thermal cameras, Termite radar, and high tech equipment at no extra cost.

▶ We can organize access or pick up the keys from any real estate agent in Nimbin or surrounding areas.

▶ Provide trusted onsite and ongoing consultation to help ease the sale stress.

▶ Inspectors assess all areas of the structures including roof void and subfloors.

▶ We can assess hard to reach areas where others cant via an aerial drone.

▶ Our inspectors have local knowledge of building certification requirements throughout Nimbin.

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If you are investing in Nimbin understand what you are investing in.

Nimbin and the surrounding areas are some of the most tranquil and eccentric places in Northern N.S.W. Set in the volcanic valleys surrounding Mount Warning with beautiful old historic houses on farms, Close communities, and hamlets with boutique cafes, shopping, and stores for all types. Nimbin is surrounded by some of the most amazing fauna and flora it is no wonder why so many people are investing in the area.

With this said Nimbin properties range from community lots with dwellings having been built by owners, Historical old houses, Modern homes and so forth. It is important to engage a company that understands the differences throughout the area. Most inspection companies can’t comprehend these differences.

The other issues that these properties face are timber pests. Nimbin is surrounded by bushland and receives high rainfall. Identifying termites, decay and moisture issues are an important part of all pre-purchase inspections.

What are some common issues found in houses in Nimbin?

When carrying out a building and pest inspection, We do find issues. However, not all issues are a deal breaker or should have you feeling concerned. Having an experienced two-man inspection team that is a licensed builder and also a timber pest specialist inspect your property provide not only observations but also recommendations. Our inspectors identify and also solve problems.

If structural issues are identified we can identify the cause and provide recommendations.

▶ Termites may be found however our timber pest inspector can treat termites and provide Non-Toxic protection if required.

▶ Some houses may not have adequate certification, We can guide you in the right direction to have this sorted out.

▶ Leaks, moisture issues can be identified using our high tech equipment such as thermal and moisture detection tools.

▶ We can tell the difference between high moisture and live termites without opening or putting holes in walls.

▶ Verandahs and balconies that do not have adequate supports are outlined and recommendations provided.

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Why do I need two inspectors?

Unfortunately, in N.S.W the laws at this current time allow anyone to provide you a report on the structural integrity of a building. How do we set our selves apart from the inspectors with little or no experience? Our building inspector is a licensed builder who has had years of experience. We do not expect our builder to be a timber pest specialist either.

In addition to having a licensed builder onsite, we provide a timber pest inspector. A timber pest inspector is a pest control technician who has undergone further training and licensing to be able to report on timber pests such as borer and termites and has an understanding of ecology, behavior, and products used to treat termites.

In Nimbin, East Coast Building And Pest provide more.

Our company is local and fully licensed to carry out both building and the pest inspections. Beware of companies who subcontract the work to sole traders as they may not have adequate insurances.

An inspection is a smooth process, we provide same day reports.

▶ Our inspectors are local and knowledgeable with council requirements.

 We do not charge extra for travel to Nimbin or for the use of extra equipment.

Termite radar, The tool that all inspectors should carry.

The Termatrac T3i will allow the inspector to determine the difference between moisture and active termites. On a pre-purchase inspection we do not open walls or put holes in plaster, This tool will save time and money for the purchaser if termites are suspected.

Termite inspection Nimbin

We can provide additional inspection options for Nimbin.

East Coast Building And Pest are Nimbin’s one-stop shop for pre-purchase building and pest inspections, however, provide a range of services to accommodate. In addition to the following services we also provide non-toxic and natural pest and termite protection options.

Nimbin’s favorite local building and pest inspection specialists.

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