July 9, 2016

Termite Inspections

Don’t Risk Missing Your Annual Termite Inspection

Termite inspections annually are an essential part of home maintenance in Australia. Termites are a common problem affecting homeowners and the current statistic is that termite’s effect 1 in 4 Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W homes.

A major financial loss is caused by termite damage throughout Australia every year. These losses are mainly due to property owners forgetting to have there an annual check, lack of property maintenance or building faults.

As a homeowner, you can reduce this risk by having a thorough inspection carried out annually.

A Termite Inspection must be carried out to current Australian Standard AS 3660.2.17.

Our inspectors are licensed and experienced and use the latest technology including nondestructive and noninvasive thermal and radar equipment. Once the inspection is complete we issue you with a photographic report with also recommendations on how to reduce the risk of termite attack and also a termite management plan if required.


What does a Termite Inspection involve?

The technician will inspect all areas of your property including roof void, subfloor, internals and externals of the structure using a timber sounding device with a trained ear to detect any abnormalities in timbers that may be a result of termite activity.

Secondly, A moisture meter is used to detect any areas that may contain termite infestation (If termites are active behind wall cavities, a high moisture reading is obtained) or areas that may be conducive to termite activity.

Thirdly, The use of specialist equipment including Termatrac T3i Radar and Thermal is used to determine if the suspect areas are in fact termites or just high moisture.

▶ Finally, The inspector will compile a digital and photographic termite inspection report and termite management plan if required that will also outline areas of concern, recommendations, and tips on how to reduce the risk of termite attack. The report is emailed same day in PDF format.

If you think you have found termites in your property it is best not to disturb or spray them.

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