June 13, 2016

Termites Step By Step

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Termites Step By Step

Step 1) Termite Inspection

The current statistic is Termites effect 1 in 4 homes.

Termites are and have been a common problem affecting homeowners of many years. Rest assured with any problem there is a solution. Our Termite Specialist will need to carry out a thorough visual inspection of the property to current Australian Standards AS3660. Thus, to detect suspect areas of termite activity and possible entry points.

To do this we inspect your property using a sounding device to listen to any abnormalities in timbers. A moisture meter is also used which will help to detect any areas termites are active. Termites in timber will project a higher moisture than in dry timber. Thermal Imaging is also used to see temperature changes in walls caused by moisture.

We also use the Termatrac T3I

Termatrac Termite Radar, Ballina, Grafton, Lismore, Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast

Termatrac T3i termite radar.

which is the world’s number 1 Termite Detection device that can show termite movement in timbers up to a foot deep and help identify entry points. An Inspection is an essential part of Step 2, the treatment, ensuring all activity is identified and the pressure is relieved from the internals of your property. You will receive a detailed 20+ Page photographic report with all recommendations as to how we will eradicate the infestation.

Step 2) Remedial Termite Treatment

Once the Termite Technician has carried out a thorough inspection (Step 1) we are now able to pinpoint the extent and whereabouts of any activity for a remedial treatment.

A remedial treatment depending on what recommendation is carried out by applying above ground bait station to the active termites or injecting the wall cavities and termite galleries with an approved Termiticide dust and or foam, applied with skill and experience to reach all areas of termite activity.

All termite damage must be identified before treatment.

Foaming is applied if a barrier is recommended. Thus done by drilling small 3mm holes spaced approximately 30cm around the affected internal areas. A successful treatment is designed to infect as many termites as possible. The termites infected with the chemical will feed others in the colony creating a domino effect and hopefully reaching the Queen if the nest is close by. An internal treatment will relieve the pressure from the house however it may not ultimately stop termites re-entering your home.

Baiting is a slower process but may have a better success of achieving colony elimination.

Termite Baiting System

The factors that can allow termites to re effect your home after a termite treatment is, Building design e.g. brickwork under soil, Age of property e.g cracks in slab, brickwork and plumbing, Type of termite e.g some termites can build multiple nests up to 50 mt from the house and treatment may not reach Queens, Pressure on your house e.g depending on how long the termites have been infesting the property there may be multiple entry points.

If Step 1 is not carried out Step 2 may not be effective.

Step 3) Termite Management System

Building design after 2001 ensured all homes were physically protected from “undetected” termite entry. The new design ensures termites can’t enter through the slab, footing or attachments. This also means homes still need an annual termite inspection to detect termite entry and these inspections 6-12 monthly form part of an integrated approach to termite management.

If houses after 2001 installed with a physical termite barrier have undetected termite entry the system has failed. All houses built before 2001 would most probably have had a chemical treatment to the slab before it was poured. These chemicals have expired and houses built before 2001 are exposed and should have a termite management system Installed.

Termite Control Gold Coast

The Orange Kordon Termite Barrier Installed At Pre-Construction Stages On A Modern Home.

If your home was built before 2001 and you have a termite infestation your technician will recommend the best suited Termite Management System for your home. Follow-up inspections will be needed to ensure complete eradication.

If Step 3 is not carried out, you risk further termite infestation.

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