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Termite Inspection and Control Sunshine Coast

Termite inspection and control Sunshine Coast

East Coast Building and Pest provide the Sunshine Coast with expert termite inspectors. Our Sunshine Coast Termite Management technicians have in depth termite inspection training. For a free quote call us today.

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Expert Termite management services Sunshine Coast


Termite protection sunshine Coast     Termite protection sunshine Coast

Termite protection sunshine Coast     Termite treatment sunshine Coast

What is termite management?

Termites pose a significant risk to homeowners on the Sunshine Coast. The economic species of Australian termites that cause damage to timber within houses and termites are generally subterranean nesting. This is partly the reason termites can cause such significant damage to our homes as their nest may not always be located. The nest could be in the a root crown of a tree, dead hollow tree trunk or potentially in the wall of the bathroom.

Termites travel through the soil to find a food source generally 20cm below the soil surface. Once they have located their food source of moisture and timber. Whether it be hardwood or pine they can leave a trail of destruction.

Treating Sunshine Coast termites !

Treating or managing termites in Australia is now also part of the building code. This means new houses require Termite protection to be installed or alternative building methods. These requirements minimise risk of undetected termite entry.

Sunshine Coast homeowners should have a termite management program in place. A Termite management program on the Sunshine Coast should look something like this.

1 – Start with a full termite inspection. The technician will recommend ongoing inspections at either 6 or 12 monthly intervals. It is important the company you use understands termite nesting and feeding habits. It is also essential they are competent, licensed and qualified.

2 – The second step would be to treat any termite activity that our termite inspector has identified.

3 – The third step is to consider cultural risk mitigation and the installation of a suitable termite management system.

East Coast Building And Pest have expert timber pest specialists on the Sunshine Coast. Our staff know their stuff when it comes to termites. We provide a range of Termite management services on the Sunshine Coast that includes but not limited too. Annual termite inspections. New home pre construction termite protection. Effective pest control treatments to active termites. Chemical treated zones and Termite baiting systems. Our team is further trained and accredited, QBCC licensed and carry the latest tools to get any job done right the first time.


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Have you found termites? What should you do now?

Firstly, if you have found suspected termite issues do not treat or disturb the area. Call now for some free step by step information.

Followed by An inspection by our Sunshine Coast termite inspector. This is the first step to identify where the termite activity is and how termites have entered the structure, then we can advise the best method of treatment.


Best Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast

Termite inspections are a process of elimination. Sunshine Coast Termite inspections should form a part of your home maintenance. Termites are a common problem affecting Sunshine Coast homeowners. The current statistic is that termite’s effect 1 in 4 Sunshine Coast homes. Termite damage is also a large cause financial loss on the Sunshine Coast each year. Don’t be complacent, These losses are mainly due to property owners forgetting their inspection and lack of property maintenance.

As a homeowner, you can reduce this risk by having a termite inspection. Our Sunshine coast termite inspectors are licensed and experienced using the latest technology. This includes noninvasive thermal and termite radar equipment. Once the inspection is complete we issue you with a photographic digital report.


Our Termite inspector will inspect all accessible areas of your property. The technician will use a timber sounding device with a trained ear. This allows us to detect any abnormalities in timbers that may be a result of termite activity.

Secondly, the use of a moisture meter allows us to detect any areas that may contain termite infestation. (If termites are active behind wall cavities, a high moisture reading may be present) or areas that may be conducive to termite activity.

Thirdly, The use of specialist equipment like the Termatrac T3i Radar. The radar can allow us to differentiate between termites or just high moisture.

Finally, The inspector will draft a termite inspection report and termite management plan.


What’s included in our Gold Coast termite inspection?

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 Termatrac T3i Termite Radar

Free Thermal Imaging

Sounding of timbers

Moisture detection

Also detection for mould a termites food source

Timber decay

Identification of areas conducive to termite attack

Also, Digital photographic report produced same day with a list of recommendations to reduce the risk of termite attack.

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Termite control / Remedial termite treatment Gold Coast

Termite inspection Gold Coast

After a termite inspection and once we have identified the termite activity we will provide termite control measures. Our Sunshine Coast termite inspectors carry the latest products, this ensures you get the right results. Treating termites is a skilled task, it involves more than products alone. Thus, To perform a successful termite treatment Sunshine Coast, you must know termite behaviour and ecology.

Sunshine Coast termite treatments include

Above ground live baiting – Baiting termites is an effective way of eliminating a termite nest when we cannot find it. Some species are quicker to bait than others.

Treating nests. This is the most important part of a termite treatment. It is important to obtain colony elimination by killing the queen/s. If we cannot find the nest treatment methods may need to be put in place such as baiting. A termite nest may survive for 30 years. If the wrong chemical has been applied or is not effective you may risk repelling termites away or not kill the queen and the termite colony survives to find another entry point.

Dusting workings – Dusting termites involve skill to apply a termiticide in powdered form into the workings. It takes a good understanding of where entry points are located and also certain times of the year can affect the application like baiting.

Foaming wall cavities – Introducing a non repellent termiticide such as Termidor into the termite workings. This is a good approach if we know where the nest is located or a lot of activity has been identified.

 Chemical treated zones around the house and under the slab is a long-term method that involves, treating the soil with an APVMA approved termiticide into the soil around the perimeter and under slabs to prevent ongoing undetected termite entry.


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Advanced Termite protection Sunshine Coast

Termite inspection sunshine Coast

A stage two treatment. Installing termite protection after a termite treatment as a preventative can include.

1. Chemically treated zones/Termite Barrier Sunshine Coast  – Forming up soil treatments to the perimeter of the structure.

2. Baiting and monitoring systems Sunshine Coast –  termite baiting and monitoring systems can be installed to protect the structure depending on the building and slab design.

Many of today’s products come with a manufactures warranties, Only an accredited installer can provide these warranties.

As an accredited pest control company. This means we have undergone further training to be able to install these systems around your property to protect against termites.


1. Baiting and monitoring

Termite inspection sunshine Coast There are many types of baiting systems available. However, they all work on the same principle. The baiting stations attract termites before they enter your home. Thus, Termites consume a bait that contains an active constituent to eliminate the colony. The performance of baiting stations relies on maintenance.

We install Bait stations every 3-4 meters around the structure. Then we  inspect the bait system every 6-8 weeks with older systems or 4 times a year with the new style Always Active System. Termites are all part of a large colony and are constantly connected as one. However, Termites will feed each other and most importantly the queen.

Once the termites have ingested the poison from the bait stations they transfer the bait throughout the colony. Over time this results in colony collapse. Also, Baiting is a great way of controlling subterranean termites as their nest is often hard to or almost impossible to locate as it is hidden in a tree or beneath the soil and can wreak havoc for years.

2. Chemical treated zone (Chemical barrier)

A chemical barrier should only be installed by a licensed and accredited pest control technician. Termite barriers are installed in the soil at the perimeter of your house. At the slab edge or structures footings to protect against termites entering the structure. Termite barriers are installed by trenching to the footing, treating the soil and backfilling or if the soil cannot be accessed then drilling and injecting at high pressure through the slab. In addition, these soil areas can also have a reticulation system (perforated hose) installed to avoid re-digging in the future.
Termite inspection sunshine Coast

The lifespan of a chemical barrier varies depending on the product, soil type, and delivery method. However 3-8 years is generally the lifespan these days.

The type of products used are repellents (repels termites away) and non-repellents (termites pick up the chemical and carry it back through the nest affecting more on the way). The most ideal and effective chemicals are non-repellents.

A chemical barrier is an effective approach to prevent termite attack. Furthermore, Chemicals have come a long way since the 80s and 90s. These are now generally Low or Non-Toxic if applied correctly. Not all houses and building types are suitable for termite barriers and you should ask your local Gold Coast termite inspector what is advisable whilst first providing a termite management plan in accordance with AS 3660.2.17.

Most Effective Chemical Brands

Termidor – Non-Repellent – Up to 8 years

Fipforce Hp – Non-Repellent – Up to 8 years

Biflex – Repellent – Up to 5 Years

Pre Construction Termite Management Sunshine Coast

Termite inspection sunshine Coast

One of the first stages of construction now days is installing a physical termite barrier or chemical management system. New homes or renovations must have them installed.

A physical barrier is designed to work in conjunction with annual termite inspections. This will help to early detect signs of termite activity, thus reducing the cost of treatment and damage.

A Chemical reticulation system is designed to install pesticide at the base of the structure. This provides a risk reduction against termite ingress.

Termite inspection sunshine Coast

Physical barriers cannot ultimately stop termites entering your home, they only expose termite entry. Adding an attachment or an additional slab without protection can provide undetected entry. Also, Storing goods, Placing garden beds against or covering weep holes on external walls can allow termites to gain undetected entry. Thus, Obtaining an annual inspection is a must.

If you are building a new house, renovating or making an alteration to the slab. We can provide termite protection that conforms with current Australian Standards.


We are Accredited with the following pre-construction products but not limited too.

▶ Home Guard     ▶ Kordon    ▶ Camilleri Reticulation     ▶ TermSeal     ▶ Termidor     ▶ BiFlex    ▶ GreenZone


Termite inspection sunshine Coast Termite inspection sunshine Coast

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Termite inspection sunshine Coast

Termite inspection sunshine Coast

Termite inspection sunshine Coast Termite inspection sunshine Coast

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