Testing your home for Methamphetamine use or manufacture

Testing your home for Methamphetamine use or manufacture

You wouldn’t purchase a new home without inspecting for termites or ensuring also the building has no structural defects!
In saying that would you risk buying a house without getting a drug residue test and not knowing whether it has been contaminated by methamphetamine’s?


To the average person the drug Methamphetamine is know by various street names including ‘speed’, ‘base’, ‘meth’, ‘ice’, ‘crystal’ or ‘crystal meth’, ‘amphetamines’. These are also the names most people hear on the news or read in the paper.

The reality is and according to recent studies the number of Australians using the drug has tripled in the last 5 years with nearly 270,000 known users. The drug is heavily addictive and most users turn to manufacture to support this habit.

What are the issues facing home owners that buy a house with Ice residue from use or manufacture?

Even low levels of Methamphetamine contamination can be a health hazard, Especially for young children who are in contact with the ground and put items in their mouth. People who are ill or have low immune systems will have an increased risk of further health issues.

The most common effects are.

▶ Anxiety.

▶ Skin irritation and rash.

▶ Sleep deprivation.

▶ Respiratory issues.

▶ Depression.

▶ Damage to the brain, liver and kidneys.

Click link below to see the effects of moving into a Meth lab.

A family who moved into a Toxic Drug Lab, Presented by Today Tonight

Following New Zealand

The huge amount of Methamphetamine use in New Zealand has lead to the real estate, property management and conveyancing industries leading the way in public awareness when it comes to Methamphetamine. Issues when buying, selling or renting a property are real.

Testing your home for Methamphetamine use or manufacture

It is now common practice to have the tests carried out. Insurance agency’s in New Zealand are already including the fine print to cover against claims against Methamphetamine related property and health damage.

It is now time for Australians to accept and to be aware that Methamphetamine use and manufacture is not just something on TV and in the news papers, it can affect you and your family. All to often innocent people are buying or renting houses later to find out the devastating affects that Methamphetamine residue can have on their lives.

Whats involved in Testing your home for Methamphetamine use or manufacture.

When booking a pre purchase inspection ensure you choose to also obtain a Methamphetamine residue test. Not only does the test provide identification of Methamphetamine residue it also detects 10 other types of illicit drug types including several other precursor chemicals used in manufacture of these drugs. The testing is inexpensive and the surface test results are confirmed in a matter of seconds.

Stage 1) Initial surface test only takes seconds for results.

Stage 2) If positive result is obtained, the owner must be notified and further comprehensive testing must be obtained by a laboratory.

Stage 3) Depending on the extent, Clean up costs can exceed tens of thousands and can involve removing walls and requiring the expertise of specialist cleaning firms resolve the issue.


Home drug test

Testing your home for Methamphetamine use or manufacture. We can provide a residual surface test combined with your Pre purchase inspection ask us today

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