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There are over 1300 ant species in Australia

and 12,000 on Earth. Also, Ants invade Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W homes every year. An Ant Control Treatment yearly will resolve these unwanted visitors. Ants are social insects, constantly grooming each other taking food back to the nest to feed the colony. The products we use are effective as they are carried deep into the colony. Thus, killing the queen. This unique way of transfer is achieved by non-repellent chemicals combined with the ant’s social behavior.

What’s Involved In Ant Control?

Our trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians provide a thorough Ant Control Treatment and recommendations for all situations servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern N.S.W. Ant control treatments consist of residual spray to surfaces using a non-repellent which has a transfer effect. All cavities and weep holes are also treated. Also, including roof voids and a non-repellent gelling agent is applied. A follow-up treatment is recommended on all major infestations

Ant Control can resolve the following

Ant Infestations can affect both the homeowner and commercial establishments. Ants are unsightly, Cause damage, Sting or bite, contaminate food products and can in some situations spread disease.

Health Issues

Ants can bite and some cause intense pain and reaction. Ants create nests in child play areas and gardens and lawns. Ants can affect food stocks and food preparation areas and some types can spread disease through hospitals.


The sight of Ant trails and ant nests in and around people’s homes or commercial places are agitating and stressful. Ant colonies can be extremely large affecting many areas. Therefore, ants are one of the most nuisance pests. Odor and Attracts Other Insects. Certain types of Ants can emit an odor that is unpleasant. Large numbers of ants will also attract other insects and reptiles including the Indonesian Pest Gecko.

Financial Damage

Ants can cause financial damage by infesting food stores. Therefore, food items infested by ants need throwing out. Biting Ants can affect businesses like Child Care Centers, Play Grounds, Court Yards and Offices. Also, Carpenter ants will affect timber around buildings.

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