Non-Native Birds are a nuisance, Damage equipment and Risk hygiene in food areas.

Also, Birds present ongoing issues to your Home and Business. Issues including damaging equipment like solar panel and air conditioning units, Invading food serving areas and spreading disease. Adequate Bird control can be a major part of ongoing maintenance to a commercial property.

What Is Bird Control?

Spiking to ledges and eaves

Netting to roof-tops, equipment and eaves.

VDD Visual Deterrent Devices.

Baiting Bad Infestations, to Pigeon Only.

What’s Involved In Bird Control?

Our trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians will provide a thorough Bird Control Treatment and recommendations for all situations. Food establishments will receive a report upon initial treatment outlining all areas of concern and recommendations to resolve.

Pigeon Control Grafton

Bird Control Treatments are tailored and may consist of Poison Baiting to Pigeon Only, Netting, Spiking, Visual deterrents and sounding devices. Thus, Areas generally treated are Roof voids, Sub floors, Externals of Buildings. Also,  Rooftops, Statues, Ledges, Food eating areas. Success does not rely on chemical alone, Conducive conditions will generally need to be addressed  We offer Warranties and free recommendations on Bird Control.

Bird Control can resolve the following

Bird Infestations can affect both the homeowner and the commercial establishment.

Excessive bird activity can contaminate food products and food eating areas, spread mites, damage property.

Health Issues

Birds become tame once a constant food source is available. Also, Establishments like Cafes and Restaurants can lose considerable business if bird infestation is occurring.

Birds can carry disease and parasites.


The sight of Excessive bird activity in and around people’s homes or commercial places are unsightly and destructive.

Also, Bird infestations can be extremely large affecting many areas.

Odor and Feces

Birds emit an odor that is unpleasant. Also, Large numbers of birds will damage property from feces and nesting habitats.

Financial Damage

Bird Infestations will affect residents and commercial businesses.

Also, Excessive bird activity can contaminate food products and food eating areas, spread mites and damage property.

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