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East Coast Building and Pest provide the Gold Coast with expert pre-purchase building and pest inspections with in-depth non-biased reports. Our reports are Provided by a professional two-man certified team, with free thermal imaging and Termite radar technology. Call for a free quote today for a Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast.

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Building inspection service Gold Coast

Gold Coast is famous for its long sandy beaches great surfing and the iconic Surfers Paradise. The property market on the Gold Coast is set to continue to boom over the coming years. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and offers some great opportunities for property investors and first home buyers alike. But, most importantly you don’t want to buy a House with major issues make sure you obtain a building and pest inspection, book an inspection today.

From the Northern end of The Gold Coast right down to Coolangatta. The Gold Coast has everything from your beachside living to your hinterland hideaways. If you are an investor or first home buyer, there is a lot to offer.

Hence with all this opportunity you should invest with the guidance of our local Gold Coast building and pest inspection team. Our Team has years of experience inspecting houses, completing reports and are familiar with all suburbs and building types on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast building and pest inspection – Combined

Our Gold Coast building and pest inspection service is carried out by our two-man certified team, a licensed building inspector and also an experienced timber pest inspector. When booking a building and pest inspection our customers will have all the information they require to ensure confidence when purchasing a property. All our Gold Coast building and pest inspections include reports within 3 hours.


Non-biased professional advice

Unlike, other Gold Coast building and pest inspection companies who quote on building repairs and in some cases promote it as part of their building and pest inspection report. East Coast Building and Pest feel this is a negative and pride ourselves on providing expert non-biased Gold Coast building and pest inspections. In fact, this ensures you obtain the correct advice when purchasing a new property from an inspector looking for potential issues not for opportunities to quote on and gain extra work.


The aim of our Gold Coast pest and building inspection is to identify potential issues through the eyes of a professional to help you make an informed and educated decision on your new house purchase. In addition, from receiving the reports, you can seek quotations from third party professionals on suitable repairs to gain further clarity should you require.

Gold Coast building inspection

The Gold Coast building inspection service is carried out by a licensed Gold Coast building inspector who is fully insured. Our Gold Coast building and pest inspectors will identify structural faults and safety issues and also provide advice to help with the purchase of the property. Our Gold Coast building inspector is also happy to answer any questions you may have about the property such as renovation ideas. Furthermore If you are buying a new property don’t just obtain a building inspection, it is always best to ensure your pre-purchase inspection covers both pest and building elements. All building inspections receive a report that complies with the current Australian Standards.

Gold Coast pest inspection

Our pest inspection when purchasing a property on the Gold Coast covers all timber pest, termites, timber decay and other timber pests such as borer, mould and fungi. A pest inspector must be licensed and further trained to carry out these inspections. Our Gold Coast pest inspectors have had further experience in treating termites, installing termite protection and they understand the life cycle and habits of termites. Furthermore our pest inspection comes with a same day detailed report combined with the latest pest inspection equipment.

Gold Coast building and pest inspection – Pre-sale

Pre-sale Gold Coast building and pest inspection is a service provided to the agent or vendor with the purchaser able to view the report once the property has been listed. A Gold Coast building and pest inspection will uncover any hidden issues prior to sale. Having this vital information will ensure you have complete confidence when listing the property or allow you to obtain repairs prior to listing the property. In short a building and pest inspection prior to sale will save on timely delays for all parties. Our Gold Coast building and pest inspections include same day reports with recommendations on findings carried out by two inspectors.


Thermal Pest inspection

East Coast Building and pest include the use of a thermal imaging device on all our combined Gold Coast building and pest inspections. Thermal imaging is also included if you require a pest inspection only. The thermal camera  tool can help the pest inspector detect the presence of moisture and signatures of termite activity if the conditions suit. But this is only one of the additional tools we carry to ensure a thorough building and pest inspection.


Termite radar inspection

The Termatrac T3i is now an industry recognized tool that complies with the current Australian Standard for building and pest inspection. The new standard for building and pest inspection enforces the use of further devices to provide additional tests. Included free of charge on all our combined building and pest inspection services or pest inspections is the use of the Termatrac T3i termite radar. If you have obtained a quote from another company and their quote does not include the use of these tools free of charge, contact us today for a quote. Furthermore all our pest technicians are trained and accredited in the use of the termite radar.

Gold Coast’s fastest Building and Pest reports

In summery, You will receive your East coast building and pest reports within 3-hours of the inspection being completed guaranteed, this will allow you more time on making an informed decision on your new investment. Just because we are faster than some other competitors does not mean you are not receiving a comprehensive building and pest inspection.

Here is how we do it. Every report is completed onsite whilst we are inspecting the property and this is an essential part of making sure the report has the correct information. We will take photos of each concern and input the relevant details straight into the report via a sophisticated report writing APP. We have developed this app to suit East Coast Building and Pest which enables us to accurately complete your report whilst we are onsite.


Why should you book with East Coast Building and Pest?

East Coast Building and Pest are one of the only few companies on the Gold Coast who have the correct licensing to inspect for both building and pest classes. If you are engaging a company for both building and pest inspections for your new property make sure the company you are engaging has the correct licensing. They should have both “completed residential building inspection license” and also “termite management physical and chemical” licences.


Thus, Engaging in a Gold Coast building and pest inspection company with the right licenses ensures that the company is providing you the correct advice. More importantly they are adequately licensed which means they are able to be insured for both building inspections and termite timber pest inspections. Don’t risk choosing a company with no insurance. Basically, if a company is not licensed for a service that they are providing and you end up with an issue from their work they will have no insurance to cover their mistake leaving you in the dark.



 The most trusted and certified pre-purchase building and pest inspection company on the Gold Coast

▶ We provide a Gold Coast local two-man inspection team. Both a licensed builder, and also a timber pest inspector.

▶ 5-star Google reviews Best pest control chermside

East Coast Building and Pest are one of the only few companies on the Gold Coast that have the right license to inspect both building and pest. Thus, beware of companies who are not licensed for completed residential building inspections. You may be engaging a company without the right QBCC license and more importantly no insurance or insurance that will be rendered useless in a case of a claim. Do the QBCC license search. We are fully licensed and insured, 

▶ Our price includes GST and travel expense to all suburbs on The Gold Coast. Also Thermal imaging and the Termatrac T3i Termite radar included at no extra cost. Furthermore we do not have any hidden add-on costs for inspections.termite radar

Having a team of experienced professionals local to the Gold Coast looking at your investment not only means identifying hidden issues but what sets us apart is that we also provide. Ongoing phone consultation and advice on issues outlined in the report and how or who you should seek advice to rectify.

Why choose the most trusted Gold Coast building and pest inspectors

If you are looking to renovate. Our Gold Coast building inspector can help you answer questions or identify how and if it is possible to make your new ideas work.

Both,Our inspectors have all the latest high tech equipment to identify any possible water leaks, moisture and movement.

We use and are accredited with the Termatrac T3i termite radar detection device. In most cases this can save the cost and having to return for an invasive inspection as we can identify if there is movement behind walls and differentiate between moisture or possible Termite activity.

You will receive two photographic digital reports on the same day of the inspection outlining all issues identified at the time of the inspection.

Also,We provide ongoing advice after the completion of the inspection. Feel free to call us about anything in regard to the inspection so we can help you clarify any concerns you may have.

In Addition, East Coast Building and Pest will organise the whole inspection process with the real estate agent vendor and or tenants to save you the hassle of phoning back and forth.

Call to book a hassle free building and pest inspection on the Gold Coast.

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Why a building and pest inspection on the Gold Coast is so important

Thermal building inspection Gold Coast

Would you invest your life savings into a house knowing it had major problems?

Obtaining a building and pest inspection on the Gold Coast prior to buying a property should be the most important step of the contract. Statistics are that termites effect one in three houses on the Gold Coast and as a result, this is a major financial headache for homeowners.

The main reasons for this statistic on the Gold Coast or south east Queensland is the building and slab designs and the use of untreated timbers. But not to mention the high-risk locations with no or inadequate termite protection and also conducive conditions such as poor maintenance.

Obtaining a pest inspection is essential. It will identify not only termite activity but any potential issues and provide professional advice on how to manage conducive conditions for termite activity or procedures for ongoing maintenance to prevent a termite attack. There is no home and contents insurance cover that covers termite attacks. Thus the main reason you need to make sure a full timber pest inspection is carried out on the property you are looking to purchase not just an annual termite inspection. But a termite inspection by itself only covers half the risk factors for timber in a home.

Why both building and pest inspections are important

It is also additionally important to obtain a building inspection on the Gold Coast.

The other issues apart from termites that can devalue a property are poor quality workmanship. Such as Cracking to masonry and structural elements or safety issues including asbestos. Insufficient building supports and also timber decay rust and moisture.

Another common issue with Gold Coast houses that can cause a purchaser grief are non-council approved attachments and renovations.

Fortunately, only a small percentage of properties for sale on the Gold Coast may have termite activity or major building issues. The type of home varies from location to the next. Thus carrying out a building and pest inspection will ensure that you have identified any risks and you will have peace of mind knowing you’re investing your money in a property without any hassles.

Some common asked questions for building and pest inspection Gold Coast

Do you provide experienced staff and is your company licensed? 

Yes, when booking the service building and pest inspection Gold Coast with East Coast building and pest we provide a two-man team. A licensed timber pest technician who has had years of experience dealing and treating termites and timber pests and also at the same time a licensed and qualified builder. Both inspectors and our company are insured and QBCC licensed. But you can do the QBCC search here if you are unsure if the company you wish to use is adequately licensed.Building and pest inspection Gold Coast

Take note: They should have both termite and a completed residential building license.

How long will it take to get a copy of the report?

Not long at all. We will send two digital photographic reports produced same day straight after the inspection and the reports will be emailed to you via pdf document.

What does an inspection cost for a two-man team?

Our inspections start at $460 combined for a unit, from $520 for a townhouse and from $550 for a house. But, we provide a two-man Gold Coast building and pest inspection team ‘two pairs of eyes are better than one’. Both our inspectors are experienced in their own field. Common issues arise with one man operators as it can be difficult to identify issues of both fields at the same time. Ask the question. Is the building inspector termite qualified and more importantly have they ever treated or dealt with termites? This is in our eyes essential that an inspector has learnt the ecology of each species of termite. Also, the other question to ask is do the cheaper inspectors carry the right equipment to inspect for timber pests? for example the Termatrac T3i in addition to thermal imaging.

Can I come to the inspection?

Yes of course. We prefer you to be onsite so we can discuss the inspection first hand once we are finished inspecting. Reports can be hard to read. Thus, being onsite with our inspectors means we can explain the pre-purchase inspection face to face.

More about the Termatrac t3i termite radar

The Termatrac T3i is the world’s number one termite detection device and we are accredited to use it. Better than thermal for detecting termite movement. This instrument can penetrate into the wall cavity and will indicate to the pest inspector movement as opposed to moisture

Termatrac T3i All Sensor incorporates 3 technologies in to one hand-held device that is non-invasive and easy to use. The 3 sensors Radar, moisture and thermal have been designed to help operators to locate or confirm and track presence and the extent of termite activity. With all 3 sensors in one hand held device. Pest control operators can confirm movement and extent of activity with the radar sensor, detect moisture differential and thermal abnormalities. Also all sensors are simple and easy to use with pinpoint accuracy.

New Australian standards require inspectors to carry a tool that can carry out additional tests in this instance. Thus, If you are engaging a company to carry out an inspection on the Gold Coast. Ensure they carry the right tools and also ask if they have had the training to use them!

Notably, This is why we use this radar on every inspection.

termites Gold Coast

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building and pest inspection Gold Coast building and pest inspection Gold Coast

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Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Dean WalkleyBuilding and pest inspection Gold Coast – Very thorough inspection, with great advice. Would recommend Andrew to others.

Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Michael AntolakBuilding and pest inspection Gold Coast – I have been looking around for a Pest controller and was recommended by people to use East coast building and pest. But I was very impressed with the thorough investigation carried out by Andrew. Absolutely outstanding! highly accommodating, friendly, professional and cheaper than expected. I’d recommend you all to everyone! Thank you so so so much.

Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Ally WilliamsBuilding and pest inspection Gold Coast – I can’t recommend East Coast Building and Pest enough. They were professional, very thorough and both the building and pest inspectors took the time to call me afterwards to explain exactly what the different elements of their reports meant. Buying a house is stressful at the best of times so I am grateful that East Coast made the building and pest part easy. Special thanks to Jade who booked the inspections at short notice and Robert and Brad for their work.

Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Natalie SandersBuilding and pest inspection Gold Coast – We had a building and pest inspection done today and the guys were very thorough friendly will definitely be using them in the future thanks so much for the great service guests hard to find here on the coast.

building and pest inspection Gold Coast

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building and pest inspection Gold Coast

Susan Re Neilson Building and pest inspection Gold Coast– Yet again an amazing service. Our son and daughter in law use this company. Fast service and so accommodating with dates and times. Keith is amazing he is very professional, informative, very cheerful and friendly. Cannot recommend East Coast Building and Pest highly enough. Thank you again see you next year

building and pest inspection Gold Coast Phillip GreveBuilding and pest inspection Gold Coast– 5 stars all the way these guys were amazing from the time I booked the job in to the time I received the reports. The reports were great and they were there every step of the way not only did Andrew and Bruce explain everything to me at the inspection I was able to contact them the next day with a question from reading the report that Andrew answered right away. Fantastic job guys!!!!

building and pest inspection Gold Coast Caroline DunkleyBuilding and pest inspection Gold Coast– I can not recommend the services of East Coast Building and Pest enough. I used them for the purchase of my own home. But I also refer them to all my conveyancing clients as a result. So thorough and helpful and go above and beyond.

building and pest inspection Gold Coast

Magda DurhamBuilding and pest inspection Gold Coast– We got them to inspect the property before we purchased our home. They were very informative with the inspection and had great customer service. I would highly recommend them.

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