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Redbug Treatment

Bed bugs are small nocturnal insects that feed on blood.

(Cimex lectularius is the most common species of bed bug.) Some people who are bitten by them get itchy welts on their skin.

However, the bugs have not been found to transmit any diseases to humans. Bed bugs are typically found on mattresses, box springs and bed frames, bedding, clothing, and in any dark cracks, seams, or crevices in beds, furniture, walls, or floors.

They can travel through water pipes, wall voids, and ducts, and can spread from room to room.

What are bedbugs?

What does a bed bug look like

Adult bed bugs are about 1/4-inch long and 1/8-inch wide. Younger ones are smaller (often about 3/16 of an inch long or the size of a pinhead).

Bed bugs have flat, grayish-brown or reddish-brown bodies with six legs, and after feeding, they become round and red. Also, Bed bugs give off a sweet, musty odor. Bed bugs eggs are white and very small, and their excrement appears as tiny brown or black spots, which can look like small blood stains if smeared. Thus, Bedbugs are a major pest to commercial establishments.

According to a recent survey, hotels and motels are the third most visited site for pest professionals encounter bed bugs. Also, Once inside a hotel, bed bugs are easily able to spread from room to room through a number of means including pipes, wall sockets, vacuum cleaners, on clothing, and luggage. Therefore, Given that adult bed bugs can survive several months without eating, they are often incredibly hard to control. It is paramount that a pest management program is implemented for all establishments that are at risk of bed bug infestation.

What’s Involved In A Bedbug Treatment?

Our trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians will provide a thorough Bedbug Treatment and recommendations for all situations. Therefore, clients will receive a report upon initial treatment outlining all areas of concern and recommendations of resolve. Also, we provide a Free onsite workshop for your staff on housekeeping and inspecting mattresses for bedbugs.

Bedbug Treatment FIRST VISIT

Our technician will advise of all recommendations. These recommendations must be followed to ensure the treatment is effective and warranty activated. Also, A thorough inspection is carried out followed by steam and chemical treatment. The products and methods used ensure rooms can be re-accommodated in 2 hours.

Please allow up to 3 hours for treatment.

Bedbug Treatment SECOND VISIT

After 7 days a follow-up inspection is required. This visit will include inspection and re-treatment using insect growth regulators to break the life cycle. Again, the products and methods we use are safe. Therefore, ensuring rooms can be re-accommodated in 2 hours after the technician has departed.

Please allow up to 2 hours for treatment.

Recommendation Check List

1) Firstly, All linen inc guests clothes are hot washed at 65 deg Celsius for 1 hour.

2) Curtains are steam cleaned.

3) Carpets are steam cleaned after final treatment.

4) Carpets are vacuumed.

5) A re-inspection is booked in 12 Weeks once eradication is confirmed.

6) Adjoining rooms are inspected.

7) All timber furnishings and goods are disposed of as recommended by our technician.

8) Mattress Protectors are installed.

9) Housekeeping staff are notified to inspect mattresses.

Let us take care of your Bedbug Issue Now! Call 1300 910 917 to book one of our friendly technicians.

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