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Bees play an important role in Australia’s Eco System.

Also, There are around 1500 Bee species throughout Australia. Only if a bee hive is in close proximity to your home it is considered a pest. It is strongly advised bees are removed rather than treated. Thus reason being, Bees play a vital role in pollination within the environment and some species of bee are endangered. Please contact a bee keeper and if you have any trouble please feel free to contact us to assist you.

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What’s Involved in a Bee Treatment?

Our professional staff can provide thorough Bee Treatments however, A Beekeeper must remove all native bees. Non-Native hives are treated with a freezing agent and also, physical removal. Safe removal of the nest is achieved by also treating all cavities and entry points. Again, Beehives must be removed from wall cavities so they do not rot and smell. We offer Warranties and recommendations on all our ant treatments.

Native Australian Bees.

The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern N.S.W are home to some beautiful native Australian Bees. Therefore, We do not recommend controlling native species of bees and in all cases, we will recommend removal by a licensed beekeeper. Bees play an important role in our delicate ecosystem. We must also endeavor to preserve these valuable players in our eco system.

Identifying Native Bees

Bee Treatment
Non-Native Honey Bee
Bee Treatment
Native Blue-banded Bee
Bee Treatmnet
White-Banded bee, Other native species can be smaller.
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