June 12, 2016

Wasp Treatment

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Wasps can cause painful stings and if one nest has been found generally more are in the area.

Firstly, There are hundreds of Wasp species throughout Australia. Secondly, only some are considered an ongoing pest issue. Wasps are generally noticed on the Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W areas around summer. Paper Wasps create a painful sting and it is recommended you have them treated if they are noticed. Paper wasps are a common issue for Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W homeowners. A paper wasp nest is identifiable by a paper hexagon patterned disk hanging by a thread. These nests are commonly seen under eaves, clothes lines, shrubs and bushes, and also sheds.

Paper Wasp Gold Coast.

Mud Wasps create cocoons on walls. Also, These cocoons are sometimes filled with spiders the wasp prey for the larvae to feed on until emerging. A repellent is an effective treatment method. Therefore, an annual Pest Spray will reduce the problem. Also, Once a treatment has been carried out these unsightly cocoons can be removed with a broom.

What’s Involved in a Wasp Treatment?

Our trained and Qualified Staff provide thorough Wasp Treatments.

Also providing you recommendations for all wasp infestations.

Applying a freezing agent to stop wasps instantly allows safe removal of the nest. Also, A residual repellent is applied to all areas where wasps are nesting.

A follow-up treatment is recommended on all major infestations

We offer Warranties and recommendations on all our Wasp treatments.


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