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Australia has the most common species of cockroaches

causing the worst havoc to commercial and residential premises yearly is the German Cockroach. Therefore, Annual control against cockroaches is essential. There are also over 3000 types also including the American, Oriental and common Australian cockroach.
Cockroaches tend to feed on rotting garbage, scraps and are found in moist areas. Cockroaches can spread a number of diseases including salmonella and gastroenteritis.
Also, It has also been proven that cockroaches can cause allergies. The large cockroaches most common to homeowners enter the house during summer months and breed in cracks, crevices and dark places. Once the infestation has taken place they will hide under kitchen fixtures, also in weep holes and any damp areas.
They are more active at night seeking food and mate. The smaller type of German cockroach can infiltrate large areas. Once a property is infested it can take a length of time to control cockroaches due to their quick life cycle and breeding habits. Hygiene plays a huge roll by therefore, removing food scraps from under benches and not storing cardboard boxed inside kitchens. Also, A regular pest control schedule will prevent infestation and loss of food stocks.

What’s Involved In A Cockroach Treatment?

Our trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians will provide a thorough cockroach treatment and recommendations for all situations. Food establishments will receive a report upon initial treatment outlining all areas of concern and recommendations to resolve. All Cockroach treatments consist of residual spray to crack and crevice with also an IGR to break the life cycle of cockroaches. The best chemicals and applications are used by all our technicians.

A Cockroach Treatment can resolve the following

Cockroach Infestations affect both homeowners and the commercial establishment. Cockroaches are unsightly, Leave casings, vomit marks, droppings and contaminate food products and spread disease.

Health Issues

Cockroaches spread Salmonella and other biological food contaminants. This is a major issue for food handling establishments. They can also cause allergic reactions and other health issues to people.


The sight of cockroaches in and around people’s homes or commercial places are agitating and stressful. Cockroaches will hide in large numbers within crack and crevices. Cockroaches can be detrimental to businesses.

Musty Smell

Pest controllers can identify bad infestations by smell. The smell caused by Cockroaches vomiting and excreting leaves a musty damp and rotting smell. This is unpleasant and can cause financial loss to businesses.

Financial Damage

Cockroaches, once they have infested food areas and homes, will cause financial damage. Cockroaches cause damage to cupboards, furnishings, food stocks and also, electrical equipment. Cockroaches are attracted to warmth. Electrical appliances will create warmth. Thus, provide breeding and harborage areas. Therefore, Cockroach Treatments on an annual basis are essential.

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