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Fleas are a nuisance and are if you have pets are sometimes unavoidable.

If you have pets a flea treatment to the home once a year is recommended. If fleas have invaded your home you will know about it. Symptoms of a flea infestation will be itchy bites, musty smell and odor, agitation and also restless pets.

What are some simple recommendations?

Firstly, A good housekeeping plan including vacuuming and mopping all flooring areas weekly is essential.

Secondly, Wash your pets. Your local vet will provide the appropriate products.

Thirdly, Pest control once a year will reduce the risk of flea infestation.

Also, Wash items that may contain fleas, blankets, lounge pillows etc.

What’s Involved in a Treatment?

Our trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians will provide a thorough Flea Treatment and provide recommendations for all situations. You will also receive a report after treatment outlining all areas of concern and recommendations to resolve. All Treatments consists of residual misting of all affected areas including external animal lay areas and internal flooring. The use of an IGR with a non repellent chemical will break the life cycle. Major infestations require a follow-up treatment. We offer Warranties and recommendations on all our ant treatments.

A Flea Treatment can resolve the following,

Bites, Sores, Agitated pets.

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