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The cooler months are a time when homeowners notice mice in and around their homes.

These cooler months are when mice are seeking shelter from the cool. Mice habits and biology can make them challenging to control. They present major issues to your home by chewing electrical goods, invading food storage areas and causing health issues.

How to identify Rodents around your home or workplace.

  • Scratching and noises at dusk or dawn in roof cavities or wall voids.
  • Evidence of droppings behind fridges, in roof void and in and around floor corners.
  • Torn paper and food being eaten.
  • Rub Marks and Trails
  • Droppings
  • Missing Food or Chew Marks
  • Damaged electrical goods
  • Visual Sightings on Dusk or Dawn

Treatment Methods.

  • Firstly a good housekeeping plan including cleaning up food scraps, excess stored goods and excess foliage is a must. Baits are hard to compete with when food is available and left laying around.
  • The use rodent bait stations or drink stations. Once affected the rodents will generally leave the house in seek of water, we provide dead rodent removal and odour bags.
  • Dusting the bolt holes with an approved rodenticide.
  • Sealing up any entry points.

What’s Involved in a Mice Control?

Our trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians will provide a thorough Rodent Control Treatment and recommendations for all situations. Food establishments will receive a report upon initial treatment outlining all areas of concern and recommendations to resolve. All Rodent Control Treatments consists of Poison Baiting within lockable boxes, Dusting bolt holes and trapping. Areas generally treated are Roof voids, Sub floors, Externals of Buildings. Success does not rely on chemical alone, Conducive conditions will generally need to be addressed. A follow-up treatment is recommended on all major infestations


A Rodent Control can resolve the following,

Rodent Infestations can affect both the homeowner and the commercial establishment. Rodents are unsightly, Cause extensive damage, Bite, contaminate food products and can spread disease.

Health Issues

Mice create nests in indoor areas and gardens and around buildings. Mice can affect food stocks and food preparation areas and in some cases can spread disease.


The sight of Mice in and around people’s homes or commercial places are agitating and stressful. Mice infestations can be extremely large affecting many areas.

Odor and Attracts Snakes

Mice emit an odor that is unpleasant. Large numbers of Mice will also attract snakes and reptiles.

Financial Damage

Mice can cause financial damage by infesting food stores and damaging property. Once infested these items generally need to be thrown out. Mice can affect homeowners but also businesses like Restaurants, Cinemas, Hotels and Offices. Mice will chew wires, leave droppings and rub marks on carpets rugs and furnishings.

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