June 12, 2016

Spider Control

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Spiders are common throughout Australia

with some of the world most poisonous throughout the continent. Spiders are 8 legged creatures that belong to a group called Arthropod. Arthropod, have no antennae, their eyes are segmented and have four pairs of legs. Also, the majority of common backyard spiders are non-venomous however some are. Therefore, Due to these risks a spider treatment is essential annually. not only to reduce the threat of bites but also, they can attract other pests.

If you believe you have been bitten by a spider please contact a medical practitioner immediately, symptoms may include the following.

Firstly, Intense pain around the bite,


Stiffness and slow muscle reflex,

Nausea and vomiting,


What we provide in a spider treatment

Thorough spider treatments are provided by our expert staff. Also, recommendations are provided for all situations. All spider treatments consist of residual spray to external and internal surfaces and foliage. All cavities including roof void and weep holes will need dusting. Major infestations may need a follow-up treatment. We offer Warranties and recommendations on all our spider treatments.

Spider treatments can resolve the following,

Spiders can cause issues to homeowners and businesses due to the risk of health issues caused by bites. Also, Spiders cause agitation and stress in general.

Health Issues

Spiders can inflict serious pain and some can be fatal. Also, If you believe you have been bitten by a spider we recommend you contact a Medical Practitioner Immediately.


The sight of Spiders in and around people’s homes or commercial places are agitating and stressful.

Financial Damage

If Spider infestations occur within a commercial establishment like kinder gardens or food areas, financial loss can occur. Therefore, We recommend spider treatments on an annual basis to reduce these risks.


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