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Robina, The place to buy property.

The Gold Coast is a wonderful destination, With its beautiful beaches, Surfing, Marine Parks and wildlife and Robina with its abundance of food and shopping this is a fantastic place to live. The Gold Coast is Home to all things big and Robina is the place to live, investing in Robina now is a good time.

When buying a new property or investment we provide,

▶ 2 Inspectors. A Qualified and Licensed Builder, and a Pest and Termite Inspector.

▶ 2 Same day reports. Pest inspection and Building inspection report.

▶ Defect identification. This includes structural, Safety and major defects.

▶ Inspecting for Mould, Moisture and Drainage Issues.

▶Thermal imaging Included at no extra cost.

▶ Termite radar Termatrac T3i at no extra cost.

Advice, Recommendations, and consultation.

Building And Pest Inspection Robina, Are You Receiving The Right Advice ?

A building and pest Inspection is essential when purchasing and investing in a new property.The Right advice means – Making sure the building inspector or the company is a licensed builder with the correct licensing and the pest inspector has had experience treating and working with termites. Beware of unlicensed companies operating on the Gold Coast, please note the company itself must have a Completed residential building inspection license to ensure there insurance is active.

All East Coast Building And Pest inspectors are a two-man team. We are insured and licensed. Our duo inspection team consists of a licensed builder and also a timber pest technician.

The main advice for anyone looking to obtain a quote for a building and pest is, Have two people who are experts in there own field inspect the property. Termites are a specialist area and understanding termite ecology, species and behavior is essential in providing the right advice. Also so is building, Only advice from a licensed builder should be taken when discussing structural elements and current building codes and requirements. We don’t expect our builders to be termite experts or our termite inspectors to be builders.

Buildings new and old in Robina can hide some nasty issues unknown to the purchaser and in some instances the vendor. These can include termites, decay, safety and or structural Issues. These issues if unidentified will end up costing someone financially and if a Building and Pest Inspection is not carried out, it will be you the purchaser.

Robina is an investors dream, however, it is essential to obtain this vital step to ensure you are getting what you pay for. All Building And Pest Inspections are carried out above and beyond Australian Standards including thermal Imaging, Termite radar, drug testing and same day reports.

Why you should obtain a Building And Pest Inspection in Robina?

Houses vary on the Gold Coast from older fibre cement structures to brick veneers. All building types no matter how old or new on the Gold coast can have issues. By booking a Building And Pest Inspection in Robina you will reduce the risk of purchasing a home with defects.

Our two man team inspect every inch of the property including the roof void, sub floors, yards, sheds, internal and externals. Gold Coast and surrounds is also located in a high risk area for termites.

Termites can cause significant damage to houses and in many cases this damage may have not been repaired. Also obtaining a building inspection ensures issues like cracking, safety switches, asbestos and renovations or builds that do not conform to standards are identified. All these issues can cost to rectify or will be identified if you sell the property in the future.

Commonly asked Questions

Do you service all areas of the Gold Coast?

Yes. We inspect properties in all areas of the Gold Coast including Robina with a local team based out of the central Gold Coast area we have regular availability to fit your inspection in, call us today.

Are your inspectors insured and licensed?

Yes, We provide a licensed builder and also a timber pest inspector. Our pest inspectors treat and deal with termites in Robina on a day to day basis.

When will I obtain the report?

Your photographic reports are generated same day and emailed via PDF format. Not only that, Our inspectors are happy to discuss findings on the day and will call you if you cant make it.

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