March 13, 2018

Browns Plains

Building and Pest Inspections Browns Plains

East Coast Building And Pest are Browns Plains most trusted building and pest inspection, provider.

Our local two-man inspection team provides same day reports using the latest high tech inspection equipment at an affordable price.

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Inspection services for Browns Plains



Building and Pest Browns Plains    Building and Pest inspection Browns Plains

Browns Plains is a purchaser’s top pick with rising property value expected this year.

Browns Plains originally was home to Tabacco farms dating back to the mid-1800s running up until the 1950’s. Classed as an outer city regional centre, Browns Plains is in close location to both the CBSs of Brisbane and The Gold Coast with all the local infrastructure including Shopping plazas, Transport, Schools, and Parks.

Firstly, Browns Plains is a good choice for first home owners and investors as affordable housing is still available. Logan City is undergoing massive development for housing and infrastructure creating jobs and housing in the area. Secondly, With all this going on Browns Plains will see the benefits of property value on the rise. If your purchasing a property in Browns Plains make sure it ticks all the boxes by obtaining a Building and Pets Inspection, Call or email us today for a free quote or book online.

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What we provide for a building and pest inspection throughout Browns Plains

Licensed, Trained and experienced inspectors.

All the latest equipment included on all inspections. Termite radar, Thermal cameras, and moisture detection devices.

▶ Offering the best value inspection package in Browns Plains for a two-man team with the latest detection equipment.

Our friendly inspectors will provide recommendations to help with the ongoing maintenance.

“East Coast Building and Pest, The most trusted name for building and pest inspections.”

How a building and pest inspection can save you money

1) Building issues that can cost the purchaser.

Browns Plains provides great opportunities for investors and the market is hot with many people rushing on sales. If you are unaware of potential building issues to the property such as cracking, structural, certification, and safety you may be left out of pocket for some big rectification costs. It is vital to ensure the building is inspected prior to purchase.

2) Termites are not the only form of timber pests.

Termites, as we all know too well, are a serious issue in South East QLD. Thus, Termites can cause extensive damage to properties annually costing homeowners thousands. In addition to identifying termites, our timber pest inspection reports include Borer, Mould, Timber decay and moisture. Also, A timber pest inspection report will provide advice to reduce the risk of timber pests. One of the most concerning things for purchasers is the fact termites can leave damage behind walls unbeknown to the naked eye, Having a professional assess the property will put your mind at ease.

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Common asked questions

Is Browns Plains a bad area for termites?

Browns Plains like all areas in South East QLD are at a high risk of termite attack. It’s not just the location however it’s the building design and other factors about the structure that raises a risk of termite attack. An inspector will report on these concerns.

Can I come to the inspection?
Yes, We encourage you to be onsite so our inspectors can first hand show you the findings.

How urgent can my inspection be done?
We can in most cases have your inspection completed the same day or within 48 hours.

Should I pull out of the sale if I find termites?
No not always. Having an experienced Pest inspector will identify the difference between certain species that pose a threat and certain species that do not.
Most houses will have termites in the garden somewhere or another. Ensuring the structure itself has co conducive conditions and is adequately protected is the key.
 See below for more info.

What is Termite Radar? Introducing The Termatrac T3i

The new Australian Standard requires inspectors to carry additional tools and be trained in using them for further tests in identifying termites. Termite activity on older equipment that was required in the last Australian Standard could be confused with high moisture. Now suspected areas of concealed termite activity can be further assessed using the Termatrac T3i radar.

termite radar

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