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Pest Control and Building and Pest Inspections Newmarket. 1300 910 917

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Are you after Pest Control, Termite Management or Building And Pest Inspections in Newmarket?

East Coast Building And Pest have assisted home owners and businesses alike in Newmarket and surrounding areas of Brisbane for years.

Our team of highly trained pest and building inspectors will ensure you are pest free or are receiving the right advice when obtaining a building and pest inspection.

Building And Pest Inspection Newmarket

Are you buying a property in Newmarket? Only engage a trusted and licensed company. A licensed builder and pest inspector undertake all inspections. Also, Our pest technicians are further trained in timber pests including termite behavior and ecology. Furthermore, A building and pest inspection also covers all major defects, safety and structural. Therefore, Ensure you know what your buying before you sign the dotted line.




▶ Rapid response. We email your report same day of inspection.

▶ Our inspectors have had over 10 years experience each.

▶ We inspect all areas of the property.

▶ Also, Provided on all inspections is Termite Radar and Thermal Imaging at no extra cost.

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Pest Control Newmarket

Newmarket is surrounded by food establishments. Thus, Pests are a real issue in Newmarket. We can take care of all your pest issues that include annual pest sprays, baiting rodents, flea treatments, treating ants, cockroaches and more. Our pest control experts are locals and highly trained in dealing with any pest issues you may be facing in Newmarket. Commercial and Residential. Call us today for an obligation free quote.




▶ We treat a range of pests in Newmarket from $125 and provide a warranty.

▶ Local, trained and friendly staff.

Pest control is safe for your family and pets.

▶ Don’t live with pests, call us today. 1300 910 917.

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Termite Inspection Newmarket

Newmarket is located in a high risk area and has environmental risks for termite attack. gum trees are a natural nesting place for termites. Also, If your considering a termite inspection in Newmarket, make sure your inspection is carried out by licensed, experienced and trained professionals who carry the right equipment. Thus, East Coast Building And Pest are all of the above and will attend to any termite concerns you may have in Newmarket.



▶ Termite inspections carried out to and above Australian Standards.

▶ We include thermal imaging and termite radar on all inspections.

▶ Our technicians provide termite treatments and protection with warranty.

▶ Affordable and proven services.

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Call us today for any questions you may have with Pest Control or Building and Pest Inspections in Newmarket. 1300 910 917

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