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Nerang provides housing affordability but also risks

Nerang has been a buyers bargain for decades on The Gold Coast. It is so important to ensure that when buying a property in Nerang you have it inspected by a professional firm to ensure you know what your buying is not a money pit.

Nerang is located in a rural environment and termites are a real threat. Including termites, Building issues can also leave the home buyer out of pocket.

Our company is a local provider specializing in expert consultation when you are investing in a new home or property.

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Building and pest inspection nerang    Building and pest inspection nerang

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Building And Pest Inspections Nerang

Our company is a local provider specializing in expert consultation when you are investing in a new home or property.

Termites are a real issue throughout Nerang and this should be taken into consideration when buying. Not only are termites a problem in Nerang, Bad building design, Shoddy workmanship is also, unfortunately, another issue purchasers face.

The best advice is to ensure you have your new asset inspected by a QBCC licensed company that covers both combined building and pest.

When booking with us we provide same day reports, two inspectors, provide thermal imaging and termite radar at no extra cost. Having a two-man team is essential. We would love to hear from you so give us a call, we may have availability to book your inspection today.

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▶ 2 local licensed professionals. A builder/building inspector and also a pest inspector.

▶ We do not charge extra to use thermal, infrared and termite radar.

▶ We may be able to fit you in today.

▶ See our 5 star Google Reviews.

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Termite Inspection Nerang

Are you having termite issues in Nerang? Your not the only one. Termites are a common problem facing all homeowners on the Coast.

Thus, To prevent termite attack or infestation the best advice is to maintain an annual termite inspection. This way termites will be identified at an early stage. Having an expert assess your property will also ensure any risks that may attract termites are also identified.

Other ways to protect your home is to install termite protection. Our team are licensed and accredited and can provide affordable protection against termites in Nerang. Call us today for an obligation free quote.

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Termite Control Options

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▶ If you have found termites, call us on 1300 910 917 for the best advice.

▶ Licensed and trained termite professionals following Australian Standards.

▶ Book with confidence, Knowing our team all carry the latest termite detection equipment.

▶ Not all houses in Nerang need chemical barriers or termite protection, just some honest expert advice.

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We can also ensure your new home is pest free.

Not only do we provide Building and Pest Inspections, Our pest inspectors can provide annual pest control treatments to your new home. Moving into a new property is a stressful time, having pest problems is an added stress you don’t need. Thus, When booking your building and pest inspection be sure to ask about our discounts for combined Inspection and pest control services.

Pest Control Options

Building and pest inspection nerang

▶ Our pest inspectors are experts in ensuring your property is protected against pests.

▶ We can treat all types of pests from rodents, ants, termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes and more.

Nerang is in our local service area, making treatments and servicing affordable.

▶ Also, We back all our General pest control work with a free service warranty.

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East Coast Building And Pest, Experts providing affordable and honest building and pest consultation and protection.

Call today, we would love to hear from you.

1300 910 917.

Building and pest inspection nerangBuilding and pest inspection nerang


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Building and pest inspection nerang



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