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Building And Pest Inspection Southport, Gold Coast

We provide an affordable quick turn around Building and Pest Inspection service to Southport. Backed by years of experience.

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East Coast Building & Pest are Southport’s one-stop building and pest inspection company. We provide a range of inspection services that include building inspections, pest inspections, structural and safety reports.

With Southport being an icon of the coast, Property is always on the move and in recent years has experienced huge growth. Southport offers close access to the business district, The famous Southport Yacht Club, The Broadwater, and Australia Fair Shopping Centre.

If you are buying a property in Southport commercial or residential, you will receive a Building and Pest Inspection carried out by a two-man inspection team with same day reports. Our experienced staff has been providing pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Southport for over 10 years. We provide an affordable same day booking service.

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Building and pest inspection southport    Building and pest inspection southport

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Building And Pest Inspection Southport

What are the main reasons why you should obtain a building and pest inspection Southport?

Southport is built up of older buildings that do not have adequate termite protection and are at risk of termite attack or have had previous termite issues.

The other reasons why you should obtain a building and pest inspection is to have the structure assessed by a licensed builder for structural issues and safety.

We provide affordable building and pest inspections carried out by a licensed builder and timber pest inspector that cover all potential issues. These issues include moisture, structural, safety, decay, timber pests, drainage and more.

The benefits when booking a building and pest inspection in Southport with East Coast is the fact you will receive same day photographic reports, Thermal imaging and also termite radar detection equipment at no extra charge. Also, asbestos testing service available and more.


▶ Affordable pre-purchase building and pest inspections Southport

▶  Inspectors, A licensed builder and also a timber pest specialist.

▶ We email photographic reports same day of inspection.

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Termite Inspection Southport

The main reasons Southport is affected by termites is the fact that Southport on The Gold Coast is located in a high-risk termite zone. This zone stretches almost all of North Eastern Australia.

Coupled with annual termite activity and older building design that can allow undetected entry, Southport requires annual termite management.

As a homeowner or business owner, we provide a range of termite management options that include protection, pre-construction, annual inspections, baiting systems and termite barriers.

Our team is licensed professionals who are further trained in timber pest identification and management. We carry the latest equipment that includes termite radar and thermal cameras. We provide the right advice when it comes to protecting your asset.

▶ Our pest control technicians are licensed and Cert 3 trained in timber pest.

▶ Annual inspections are affordable and can prevent long-term issues.

▶ Termite inspections include Termite Radar and Thermal Camera at no additional charge.

▶ Not all houses in Southport require chemical barriers and treatments, just some expert advice.

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We can also provide pest control to your new home

Booking a pest control treatment with us in Southport is easy. You can click below for a free quote or by calling our office. We provide a range of pest control options in Southport that include an end of a lease, annual pest protection, natural pest control treatments, rodent control and more.

When you book with us, we will provide an experienced pest control technician who will arrive on site and assess the issues that are causing pest problems. Our technicians then apply premium products that are safe and effective.

Our products are safe for your customers, family and your pets. We provide a warranty on all our treatments so you can have peace of mind knowing what you’re paying for works.

▶ Affordable pest control service in Southport.

▶ Trusted by locals for over 10 Years.

Commercial and Residential options.

▶ Speedy same day booking service.

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East Coast Building And Pest, Southport’s most trusted Pest Control and Building and Pest Inspection service provider.

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