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Find out why East Coast Building And Pest are Chermside’s most professional Building and Pest Inspection Company servicing Chermside, Brisbane North.

Chermside is known as a mini CBD boasting the biggest Westfield shopping center in Australia. Chermside is situated on Queensland Transports Nothern Busway providing ease of accessibility into the Brisbane CBD only 9 kilometers away.

When it comes to providing state of the art pre-purchase inspections carried out by a two-man team, East Coast Building And Pest are your best choice. What sets apart from the rest is the fact we provide two inspectors, a licensed builder and also timber pest specialist. Buying a new house can be daunting however our team will provide peace of mind knowing that your new home ticks all the boxes.

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Building And Pest Inspection Chermside

Building And Pest Inspection ChermsideYou need experienced and licensed professionals that understand building designs, construction methods, pest behavior and ecology when receiving advice on a property you wish to purchase. We supply above standard building and pest inspections Chermside.

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▶ Building reports cover all issues from safety to structural.

▶ Two licensed and insured inspectors with over a decade of experience.

▶ Same day inspection and digital copies of reports.

▶ We have all the latest technology to enable our inspectors to see movement behind walls with radar or moisture in ceilings with thermal cameras and more.

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Termite Control & Inspections Chermside

Termite Inspection ChermsideChermside houses are a mixed bag. Understanding the fundamentals of these building types is the secret to providing termite management that works. Not all houses need termite protection and may already have this in place. All houses, however, need annual inspections.

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▶ All our Termite inspectors further trained and accredited and insured.

▶ Our inspections are coupled with the latest in technology including infrared cameras and termite radar.

We can provide the $1,000,000 Termidor warranty

▶ We produce photographic and detailed reports emailed on the same day.

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We can also provide pest control services in Chermside

Pest Control Chermside

Chermside is no exception when it comes to suburban pests. Homeowners and businesses are constantly faced with issues. That’s why we’re here to help. Our pest control treatments are backed by a full warranty and are safe for you your family and the pets.

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▶ Our pest control services are safe.

▶ We guarantee to rid and protect you from pests.

▶ Our team is licensed and trained to handle all pest types.

▶ We cater to commercial clients including Pubs, Clubs, Cafes and Child Care.

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Living in Chermside? or looking to buy? We’re here to help. Pest Control and Building and Pest Inspection Services

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