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Pest Control and Building and Pest Inspections Arundel. 1300 910 917

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We have provided building inspections, termite management and pest control to Arundel home owners and purchasers for years. We know first hand what issues Arundel and the Gold Coast faces when it comes to pests, termites and building design.

Thus, If your looking at buying a new home in Arundel or need annual pest control, call us today. Local, Friendly and licensed builders and also timber pest inspectors.

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Building and Pest Inspection Arundel    Building and Pest Inspection Arundel

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Building And Pest Inspection Arundel

Don’t risk buying a house with issues in Arundel. Some houses in Arundel may have issues that need rectification and this rectification can cost thousands. This is because of termites and also most importantly bad building design, building faults and safety issues. Also, our building and pest inspections are carried out by two inspectors, a licensed builder and also a timber pest inspector.

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Inspection Options

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▶ Our inspection in Arundel can be booked with a report provided on the same day of inspection.

▶ Licensed builder to carry out the building inspection.

▶ Pest Inspector with further training and over 10 years termite knowledge.

▶ Thermal cameras, Termite radar and also moisture detection equipment at no extra cost.

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Termite Inspection Arundel

Termites in Arundel is common local knowledge. The reason is that Iluka is in a high risk environment being surrounded by gum trees and native fauna. The other issues is that issues around houses can attract termites and home owners generally don’t realize why. Thus, Annual inspections are essential to all houses in Arundel. We provide termite inspections, protection and treatments.

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Termite Control Options

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▶ Termite treatments or barriers are not always required, just identifying issues that may be conducive to termite attack and reducing the risks.

▶ Licensed timber pest inspectors with years of experience. We provide the right advice every time.

▶ Furthermore, we provide Thermal Imaging Cameras, and Termite radar included on every inspection.

▶ Termite Inspections are cheaper than an annual service on your car, and may prevent allot more damage and cost.

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Pest Control Arundel

The Gold Coast Suburb of Arundel. We provide pest control that will end any infestation. From ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas and also even rodents. Also, Our pest control services in Arundel are safe, guaranteed and also long lasting.

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Building and pest inspection Arundel

Building and pest inspection Arundel

▶ Affordable pest control Arundel, provided by skilled and also experienced local operators.

▶ We provide pest control Arundel covering all pests also even even termites.

Also providing a same day service.

▶ We provide a pest control plan that is long lasting, safe for you your family and also the pets.

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East Coast Building And Pest, Arundel’s number one for Pest Control, Termite Management and also Building and Pest Inspections

Building and pest inspection ArundelBuilding and pest inspection Arundel

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Building and pest inspection Arundel

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