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Ants Everywhere! Summer Is Here.

Summertime on the Gold Coast brings warm weather, Sun, Surf, and sand. Also, Warmer months also bring Ants! If you have lived through a summer on The Gold Coast I’m sure you have experienced dropping a twisty whilst waiting for the BBQ to cook and then all of a sudden an Ant Invasion is occurring all over the salads, sugar, and cold cuts.

Some Ants Gold Coast are annoying and some actually bite. Also, Ants like the Green Ant commonly create nests throughout Gold Coast Yards. These types of ants will bite and if anyone has been bitten by a Green Ant would know how much it hurts.

Other biting ants include the Jumping Ant or Bull Ant or Meat Ant. There are many types of Ants Gold Coast, however, rest assured one treatment can fix all types of ant issues on The Gold Coast.

What’s Involved In an Ant Control Treatment?

  • External Spray To Walls, Eaves, Guttering, Yards, Nests, And Foliage
  • Treating Weep Holes
  • Dusting Window Tracks And Door Runners
  • Dusting Roof Cavities
  • Also, Gel Treatments To Trails, Cracks, And Crevices.

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