Warning, Non-Licensed Inspectors

Building and pest inspection

Warning, Non-Licensed Building Inspectors

Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspections form an essential step when acquiring a new property. A building and pest inspection will help identify any issues past or present that the building may be facing. If unidentified, these issues can cost the purchaser thousands.

There are different laws in each state that govern these inspections. Also, In Q.L.D for someone to carry out a building inspection, the inspector must be a licensed builder with at least 10 years experience and be registered with the QBCC. The QBCC Queensland Building And Construction Commission basically is a Licensed Contractors Register.

Register of licensed builders, trade contractors, designers, nominees, site supervisors and occupational license holders. To obtain a QBCC Licence in QLD involves immense screening. Therefore, Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspections in QLD must be carried out by Licensed Timber Pest Technician and A Licensed Builder.

How are the laws different in NSW?

You do not have to be a licensed builder to carry out pre-purchase inspections In N.S.W.

There are many companies and franchises operating throughout NSW employing “Building Inspectors”. The issue is that many inspectors have had no building experience. Many do not hold a builders license. Unfortunately, in NSW There is no law stopping people completing a 2-day course and putting the building inspector cap on. This is concerning for purchasers and vendors in NSW as an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars can hinge on the recommendations of someone who has had no building experience.

Termites are a major issue facing homeowners on a regular basis.

In NSW, For a Pre-Purchase termite inspection, The Inspector must be a licensed Timber Pest Inspector. Unfortunately, a timber pest license can be obtained easily. Many building/ termite inspectors have had no experience in the field treating active termites or have an understanding of termite behavior or ecology. This basic understanding is essential in identifying risks posed by different species of termites.

So what are the main points you should know when obtaining a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

  • Firstly, A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report is separate from a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report. Both should be obtained.
  • Secondly, When seeking an inspection ensure you obtain both reports, don’t just get the building done or vice versa.
  • Thirdly, A Pre-Purchase inspection should be carried out by two persons. A Licensed Builder and A Licensed Timber Pest Inspector who have both had experience in the field.
  • Also, The Total cost should start at around $500. There may be cheaper options carried out by one person, however, ensure the inspector/s are licensed and have had experience in the building and pest industry. Therefore, ensuring you are receiving the right advice for your investment. “Two eyes are always better than one”.
  • Thermal Imaging and the latest gadgets should be included in the total price.
  • You should receive 2 separate digital reports. You should not pay extra for this service.
  • A pre-inspection agreement is standard, and if you do not receive this binding document the inspector may not be insured.
  • Ask the inspector his license number.
  • If structural issues are identified, you must seek further advice.
  • Also, Try to be present when the inspection is carried out.
  • If the inspector recommends Termite Management or Barriers, Get another quote.
  • If previous termite damage has been identified or evidence of treatments, an invasive inspection is strongly advised.
  • You have the right to re-inspect the property once vacated. Therefore, Ensure you are moving into a clean home and things have not been concealed behind furnishings and boxes.

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