What is a visual termite inspection zone?

Understanding the basics of termite management.

When you obtain a building and pest inspection report sometimes the reports can be a lot to digest.

Some common misconceptions are that in the report we state a “physical termite barrier” is installed and people presume the house is ultimately protected and thus termites will never enter the property and homeowners become relaxed on not getting annual inspections.

See image above with green highlighting the slab edge inspection zone above.

Changes to homeowners need to understand.

Basically, in a nutshell, The changes in the way houses were built occurred in the late 90s early 2000’s when we did away with all the toxic under slab treatments. This new change requires now all houses to be built so that termites can not gain “undetected” entry. (This was in response to the fact organochloride chemicals were no good for the environment and us, and also chemical expires leaving the house unprotected and termites can gain “undetected” entry). The word “undetected” is very important in understanding the concept.

The physical termite barriers installed to new houses are designed to be long-lasting and to stop “undetected termite entry”. As a homeowner, you are required to maintain annual or six monthly termite inspections due to the fact the physical barrier will only stop “undetected entry” (It doesn’t stop them exposing themselves).

Termites can and do cross this physical barrier. An annual inspection also ensures that the product installed is working adequately. If the product fails due to factors such as an installation fault or the homeowner has affected how the product works, You may not in most cases be entitled to any warranty.

What is a visual termite inspection zone?

It is the area around the property generally below the weep holes or ant capping that we can inspect to identify termite activity.

See image, Can you identify where the termites are crossing the inspection zone? In this case, the slab is the physical barrier and the slab edge is the inspection zone.


1) Termites can enter a property with a physical termite barrier.

2) Termites can and do affect treated and hardwood timber types

3) Failures do occur with physical termite protection.

4) You may not be covered if you miss your annual inspection.

To reduce any risk of damage caused by termites, It is simple,

Maintain annual termite inspections. call us today 1300 910 917

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