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We provide a suite of Building inspections including Handover, Safety, Structural, Dilapidation, Pre-Purchase and more.

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Have you walked around your property and found some things that were not there before and just don’t look right? Every building has some knocks and bruises but are they or are they going to be a problem or develop into a big issue or possibly even a safety concern. Will they cost you a small fortune? Our building inspectors will carry out a comprehensive building inspection to determine any possible concern to your property. We will conduct an inspection and complete a detailed report on issues previous, current and that may develop in the future along with any conductive factors the house may have. Why choose East Coast Building and Pest? well we have local inspectors in your area that not only have experience in inspecting and reporting on residential and commercial properties, But also have extensive experience in Building and construction of residential and commercial buildings. Would you choose someone with no experience?

Don’t choose a company that has no physical experience in or with actually Building a Home! We are experienced, fully licensed and insured.

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List of Inspection Services

Building reports Gold Coast

  • Pest Inspection.
  • Termite Inspection.
  • Pre Purchase  Building Inspections.
  • Dilapidation Reports.
  • Strata Maintenance Reports and Forecasts.                                                                            
  • Specialty Building Inspections.
  • Asbestos Testing.
  • Aerial Drone Inspection.
  • Strata / Body Corporate Inspections.
  • Maintenance Inspections.
  • Handover Reports.
  • Building Safety Inspections.
  • Residual Surface Testing for the use of illicit drug use and manufacture.
  • Mould Inspection & Ventilation Inspections


Building report Gold Coast

Why East Coast Building and Pest is the first choice for building inspections.

East Coast Building And Pest can assist with all types of building inspections with local inspectors operating in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern N.S.W. East Coast Building And Pest are QBCC licensed with years of experience to carry out a range of building inspections to suit your needs. We only employ builders that meet our strict criteria that have actually had experience in Building.

Included in all inspections is a licensed builder who will provide same day photographic reports using the latest high tech equipment.Our building consultant is happy to provide ongoing advice on any requirements needed to be met to satisfy local council.

Not only are Our Building Inspectors trained to inspect and report they are here to help with ongoing advice to ensure you get the right information when its needed the most.

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Dilapidation Reports

A dilapidation report will identify the structural condition of any defects that are existing to a building before the start of demolition or building works commence.

East Coast Building And Pest provide a licensed building inspector to assess and photograph the structure in detail prior to works commencing and then return to ensure there have been no changes in existing defects. Commonly a dilapidation report would be carried out if building works, road works or major construction is happening in close proximity and you want to ensure that these works are not contributing to any extra damage.

pre purchase Building Inspections Gold Coast

Body Corporate Reports

East Coast Building And Pest provide a suite of inspection options for Body Corporate and Strata Services.

Inspections include special purpose building inspection reports, Maintenance forecast inspections to determine when maintenance is required and estimated costs. Other building inspections include structural, safety, moisture, mold, ventilation and annual termite inspections. Our business management and reporting software is one of a kind, Our software ensures you receive photographic and detailed reports from our building inspector on the same day of inspection. East Coast Building And Pest are QBCC licensed and fully insured.

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Handover Building Reports

When receiving the keys to your newly built home it is important to have an independent inspector assess the quality of workmanship to ensure there are no defects and the builder has met his obligations under the contract.

The handover inspection will ensure the builder or trades personnel complete all requirements including rectifying minor and major defects at the final hand over stage. With such a large investment, Our handover report will ensure that you receive what you have engaged the builder to build and will be able to identify any areas of concern to be attended to. In some cases the builder may also organise a third party to carry out a Hand over inspection to help with a sloth transition at the final stages of building.




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Commonly Asked Questions

What is the turn around on a Building Inspection Report?
Our building inspector will provide you a report on the same day of inspection.

What are the costs involved in a Building Inspection
Building inspections are very competitive call today for an accurate quote.

Do you have insurance and are you licensed?
Yes, QBCC LIC 15023579 and Yes we are insured with both public liability and Indemnity Insurance.

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